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Euclid space mission

Euclid Inter Science Task Force meeting

October 2-4

Around 20 scientists from Europe working in the Euclid space mission in software development and cosmological models will gather at ICE-CSIC. 

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Previous Talks & Activites

Outreach talk on Einstein

Sep 27

Science Slam CSIC Cataluña

Sep 27

Conference on red terrestrial planets

Sep 26

Solar observation

Sep 26

Event on Anthopogenic Climate Change

Sep 23

#PizzaSeminar - Enrique Gaztañaga

Sep 22

Special Seminar by Izzy Garland

Sep 19


Sep 11-15

Cosmology and the Quantum Vacuum

Sep 10-16

Premis Joan Lluís Vives 2023

Sep 12


Aug 3

Book presentation

Aug 2
Serenalla market

First ARRAKIHS Consortium Meeting

July 26
Invited Semianr Andrea Ciardi

Special Seminar by Andrea Ciardi

July 17
Serenalla market

La Serenalla Market

July 15

6th ICE-CSIC Summer School

July 3-13

'Remote sensing as a global tool' course at UIMP

July 10-14

Asteroid Day talk

June 30

Symmetry 2023

June 21-23

#PizzaSeminar Jessica Dempsey

June 23

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Colloquium

June 22

#PizzaSeminar Emilio Elizalde

June 16

#PizzaSeminar Froilan Diaz

June 9

ICCUB colloquium

June 8

Festa de la Ciència

June 10

#PizzaSeminar Nadia Blagorodnova

June 2

Talk on modern cosmology

June 1

Invited Seminar

May 31

Defense and Security Conference

May 31

Astronomy outreach season

March 29, April 26, May 31

Astronomical observation

May 30


May 30

Mapping the universe with DESI

May 26

#PizzaSeminar Ruxandra Bondarescu

May 26

Pint of Science

May 24


May 19

Astronomy course

May 16, 23 & June 6

#PizzaSeminar Anna Kontantinou

May 12

Conference on the James Webb telescope

May 11

#PizzaSeminar Estel Cardellach

May 5

Seminar - Daniel Angerhausen

May 4

Seminar - Daniel Angerhausen

May 4

#PizzaSeminar Eda Vurgun

April 28


April 27

Outreach talk by Cristina Jiménez

April 26

Book signing 'Una ciutat a Mart'

April 23

Colloquium on micrometeorites by Jon Larsen

April 13

#PizzaSeminar Simranpreet Kaur

April 14

Round table on Einstein visit to Barcelona

March 30

#PizzaSeminar Cristina Jiménez

March 24

Planet ESLAB symposium 2023

March 20

#PizzaSeminar Alber Elias López

March 17

Jornada any Joan Oró

March 16

#PizzaSeminar Tomás Müller Bravo

March 10

International Women's Day talk at Pau Vila school

March 9

#PizzaSeminar Chris Ashall

March 3

Congrés Dones, Ciència i Tecnologia WSCITECH23

March 2

Outreach talk 'Spanish astronomy from space'

March 1

Outreach talk 'Science opportunity with GPS'

March 1

'Territorio Gravedad', premieres in Barcelona

February 27 & 28

Workshop CSIC Strategic Theme 9

February 22-23

#PizzaSeminar Álvaro Sánchez

February 24

Commemorative day of Einstein's visit to Barcelona in 1923

February 23

#PizzaSeminar Clàudia Soriano

February 17

Seminar - Sascha Husa

February 16

Seminar - Diego Sáez Gómez

February 13

#PizzaSeminar Jordi Isern

February 10

Presentation within our Magnet alliance

February 11

#100tífiques - talks at schools

February 10

Conference on the NewSpace sector

February 9

Outreach talk on exoplanets and Hot Jupiters

February 8

International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICE-CSIC

February 7

#PizzaSeminar Maria Kopsacheili

February 03

#PizzaSeminar Bret D. Lehmer

January 27

ICE-CSIC strategy retreat 2023

January 24-26

#PizzaSeminar Malgorzata Siudek

January 20

Seminar - Melissa Mendes

January 19

Outreach talk on asteroid impact

January 17

Lecture at Polytechnical Lyceum Fablab

January 17

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