Presenters info

Oral contributions

We kindly invite speakers to take note of the following important information for oral presentations:

  • We recommend speakers to load their presentations onto the computers in the speaker rooms at least 1 hour before their talks.
  • We strongly discourage speakers to use their own laptops to avoid delays between talks. However, if there is no other alternative, there will be an RGB (no DVI) cable ready to connect personal laptops.
  • A speaker room will be set up in the Main Auditorium and will be equipped with two computers identical to those used for the presentations. Files should be transfered to one of these computers and checked beforehand for proper display.
  • The computers will run MS Windows Vista and Mac OS X with the usual presentation software, including MS Office PowerPoint 2007, iWork Keynote'09 (Mac) and Adobe Reader 9. Video facilities such as MS Windows Media Player 10 and QuickTime 7 will also be installed.


Poster presentations

Posters must be restricted to a maximum size of 95 x 140cm.

The poster exhibition area is located in the Agora room and poster placement will be open from 8:30am on Monday, 14th of September. Posters must be taken down by Friday, 18th of September, at 4:30pm. Posters remaning in the room after this time will be discarded.


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