We would like to thank everyone again for making our conference such a success! We hope everyone enjoyed the excellent talks and posters, and also had time to enjoy Barcelona. All talks and posters should submit a contribution to the ASP conference proceedings following the page limits below. Each participant will receive a hardcover book and on-line access to the articles from this meeting.

Due date for proceedings contributions is November 15, 2009.

Paper lengths

  • 25+ min talk: 8 pages
  • 15 - 20 min talk: 6 pages
  • Posters: 2 pages

Copyright Forms

Copyright forms MUST be signed and returned. If you did not return your copyright form to us at the meeting, please either fax it to Dawn Gelino at +1-626-397-7181, or sign it, scan it in, save it as PDF, and include the PDF in your proceedings submission. The copyright form document is included at the file described below.

Author Instructions

The link to the file below brings you to the correct style file, ASPCS templates, and other useful information. Please carefully read and follow these instructions when preparing your paper for publication. General instructions and complete resources for ASPCS authors are available online. The macros and LaTeX-specific instructions have been developed in LaTeX 2e. If you have problems with any of the macros, templates and LaTeX-specific instructions, please contact us ( for help.

The following describes the more important files contained in the file:

File NameDescription
copyrightform.doc, copyrightform.wpd, copyrightform.pdfCopyright Form - form granting and assigning the entire copyright for this paper exclusively to the ASP
permission.doc, permission.wpd, permission.pdfPermission to Use Form - use this to get permission to use work published previously by other authors.
aspauthor2006.texASPCS Instructions for Authors Using LaTeX 2e Markup - LaTeX format. Especially helpful to use as a working example of how to create a paper using our LaTeX template and style file.
aspauthor2006.pdfASPCS Instructions for Authors Using LaTeX 2e markup - PDF format. Useful as a bookmarked, searchable reference.
asp2006.styASPCS Style File
asptemplate.texAuthor's Paper Template
marginguide.pdfMargin Guide
usinggraphicx.tex, usinggraphicx.pdfGraphicx Instructions in LaTeX and PDF formats
authorcklist.doc, authorcklist.wpd, authorcklist.pdfAuthor's Final Checklist

Uploading your submission

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