In addition to the main Pathways conference that runs from 9AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday (except Thursday afternoon) there will be satellite meetings using the same venue (CosmoCaixa science museum) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after 5PM. The satellite meetings are independently organized as far as the scientific program is concerned, and you should contact directly their organizers if you have any question. Registration to the main conference is required to attend those meetings.

The satellite meetings are (rooms Beta and Gamma have a 65-seat capacity; the main auditorium can seat 312):


Monday 14/09
Title Coordinator Room Type
New Worlds Observer W. Cash Beta
Opportunities with SIM-Lite F. Malbet & C. Beichman Gamma
P4 panel: How to consolidate efforts within the community and the related agencies? H. Zinnecker Auditorium
Tuesday 15/09
Title Coordinator Room Type
J. Schneider Beta
PLATO D. Pollacco & C. Catala Gamma
P2 panel: Designating habitable planets for follow-up study: what are the relative parameter spaces of RV and astrometry? I. Ribas Auditorium
Wednesday 16/09
Title Coordinator Room Type
P1 panel:Can we characterize habitable planets with transits? D. Sasselov Beta
P3 panel: Do we need to solve the exozodi question ? If yes, how to best solve it ? C. Eiroa & O. Absil Gamma
ASMCs M. Devirian Auditorium


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